Having dirty dishes in sink during night is forbidden by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for this reason!

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Best vastu consultant in Kolkata

Cooking once in a blue moon is an enjoyable task, but doing it everyday is a tedious task. Best vastu consultant in Kolkatasays that it is important to pay attention to the kitchen vastu for ensuring good outcome from food and health of the residents.

Of course, it means to put the kitchen in the right zone of the vastu. Vastu shastra is mostly about placing the right thing in the right zone. Out of 16 zones in vastu, 4 qualifies as best for kitchen placement. These includes south east, south of south east, south and west zones.

However, this is not all. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata says that there are some additional factors that you should pay close attention to as well. Clearing the kitchen sink each night is one of the most crucial factors that you must not skip. In this blog we will learn about this necessity.

The importance of cleanliness in kitchen

Vastu shastra deals with the flow of positive and negative energy. Placement of any unit in the wrong zone can generate lots of negative energy but lack of cleanliness can do it too, even if it is present in the right zone.

Ideally you should clean each and every part of the vastu, but special importance should be given to kitchen and toilet areas, insists Best vastu consultant in Kolkata

After each night’s cooking, it is only natural to want to retire to bed for getting good night’s sleep. But this is not advocated by vastu experts. You see leaving the kitchen dishes in the sink not only produces bad smell but also generates negative energy.

You must know this already that when food particle is left on the plate surface, due to bacterial activity throughout the night, bad smell starts coming from it.

In the morning, when you enter the kitchen to make your tea, the first thing that catches your eye is the mess that is lying in the sink waiting for you to do them. This is enough to make you feel gloomy. Instead, if a fresh kitchen awaits you every day, you are bound to feel energetic and full of life for the upcoming day. 

Another big advantage comes with night cleaning of dishes. Since utensils are covered with food grease, it attracts the household pests like cockroaches. The infestation of pests in house happens from the kitchen and unattended dishes throughout the night is the root cause for it.

Ultimately, the kitchen becomes the breeding ground for roaches which does no good for anyone. It can cause diseases and is thus very harmful for those households with children, elders or sick patients. All in all, leaving dirty dishes is a mess for both vastu and normal routine of our lives.

You should follow the following steps to reduce this unpleasant scenario.

  1. Clean all the dishes properly and keep it organized in a utensil rack or on a kitchen towel to dry out.
  2. Clean the oven to remove excess grease that drops during cooking. Don’t forget to wipe under the oven as well.
  3. Clean the platform to remove all the vegetable peels, egg shells, flours and other waste.
  4. Try to clean the sink as well at least once every 3-4 days to wash off dirt and debris. The same rule goes for underneath the kitchen platform and spaces around modular kitchen racks etc.
  5. Pour hot water and baking soda in the sink drainage to clean the outlet. It will help keep the sink and stops the bad smell as well.
  6. Clean underneath the kitchen sink cabinet to minimize risk of cockroach nesting inside the tubes.
  7. Carefully collect all the dirt and debris inside the dustbin and keep it under the kitchen sink.  Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends using a dustbin with lid for better result.
  8. In addition, you can keep a bowlful of vastu salt in the kitchen to channel positive vibes. Keeping a snake plant is also beneficial for the same reason.

It might seem like a lot of work to do for you if you are new to it. But once you have established your timetable accordingly, you will be able to get these tasks done very quickly. Besides with everyday cleaning, you won’t need to scrub the surfaces hardly anymore. It will save lots of time and efforts in a long run.

What alternatives can be implemented?

Suppose you are unable to clean the dirty dishes each night and instead rely on your housemaid for it, then what can you do? Well, in that case, you should try to get an automatic dish washer. If your budget permits it, this is an excellent way of letting the machine do it for you. You wont even need to stay dependent on your maid to do it. And we all know that sometimes even they take unscheduled leaves, forcing you to do the cleaning yourself. 

Another alternative is to share the load. Suppose the wife is doing the cooking then, the husband and children should help out to do the dishes. It is an excellent way of character building for children especially. This experience will help them in their future ultimately.

As a last option, if there is no help available at home, then you should at least clean the dishes with water to wash off the extra food sticking to the utensils. Then leave it in the sink for the maid to do it next day. Even if, due to unforeseen circumstance, you ultimately need to do so, the task will become so much easier.

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